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Our Services

Millwright and Onsite Machining Services

OCTO Mechanical Inc. provides Millwright and Onsite Field Machining Services. We have a crew of over 40 skilled Millwrights and Machinists and a fleet comprised of eleven trucks, three mobile tool trailers and a mobile office trailer. We use only top quality tools and all our equipment is calibrated annually by an independent third party.

Millwright Services

OCTO Mechanical offers a full range of Millwright Services, including Equipment Installation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting, along with Base Leveling, Shutdown Services and more.


Onsite Machining Services

We can provide onsite machining services that include Portable Machining, Precision Base Milling and Pipe Cutting, Specialty Onsite Machining and much more.


Parts Sourcing

OCTO Mechanical can source parts and materials for jobs big and small. Click below for more information.


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