Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Safety Tickets do I need?

You’ll be expected to have at least your First Aid/CPR, H2S Alive, WHIMS2015, CSTS2020 and CSO.

Fall Arrest, Confined Space, Elevated Work, Overhead Crane and TeleHandler are also recommended but are not required on every work site.

What are the Hours of Work and How do I Keep Track of my Hours?

Employees should expect to work between eight and 12 hours per shift, but may be required to work longer. Shift rotations can vary. Each employee will receive an email on the Friday preceding payroll cutoff that contains an electronic time card that they will be expected to complete before the following Monday.

How Does Payroll Operate?

Your electronic time card will record the last two weeks you worked. Payroll runs from Sunday through to Saturday and employees shall be paid every two weeks.

How Much Vacation Time am I Entitled to?

Employees with less than one year of employment can take up to one week of paid vacation time.

Pay will be calculated at 4% of the employee’s earnings for the period of employment prior to December 31st.

Where Does Octo do Their Work?

Octo works at job sites throughout Alberta and B.C.

What is the Statutory Holiday Policy?

Employees will receive holiday pay for all Stat Holidays, but not all employees are entitled to time off on a Stat Holiday. Employees who are required to work on a scheduled Stat Holiday will receive additional pay to compensate. If a Stat Holiday falls on a weekend, a day off with pay will be granted for the next scheduled work day. Stat Holidays that take place on an employees vacation day do not count as one of the requested days off.

Employees are not entitled to Stat Holiday pay if :

  • They have worked for Octo for less than 30 working days
  • They do not work on a Stat Holiday when they have been requested to do so
  • They are absent without consent on their last shift before, or shift immediately following, the Stat Holiday.

What is the Overtime Pay Policy?

Employees are eligible to receive Overtime pay after working a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Will I Be Provided with a Company Vehicle?

When traveling to a work site, we will provide transportation along with gas cards to use along the way if needed.

What Tools and Equipment Will be Provided?

Octo Mechanical will provide a coveralls and all the required personal protective equipment and tools you might need while working on a job. You will be eligible for boot allowance after one year of employment.  

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