Our employees are key in the success of our company.


We are always looking for experienced individuals with the right skills. Are you interested on joining our team ? OCTO Mechanical welcomes you to apply for any vacant positions.

"Joining the OCTO team has been an incredible learning experience that have allowed me to polish my skills to the max."
Chris Cook


OCTO Mechanical is pleased to offer our staff a generous health benefits package. We believe in taking care of our people and so we provide direct access for all our staff to our Manulife Group Benefits Advisor.

"OCTO Mechanical benefits package is really comprehensive and it allows me to take care of my family's health as well as mine."
Dion Dragich


At Octo we believe training is an invesment in our employees growth and is key to the quality and productivity of our work. We offer specialized training to all employees to meet current industry standards.

“Training is a key to success for any organization, and OCTO makes training easy and enjoyable.”
Dylan Day


OCTO Mechanical covers the cost of tuition, books and materials for our apprentices. Our apprentices get hands on mentoring from some of the finest Journeymen Millwrights and Machinists in the province.

"Octo Mechanical covered the cost of my journeyman millwright studies and provided hands-on experience in real projects."
Chad Sinclair

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