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Octo Mechanical is in proud partnership with:

FixturLaser specializes in problem solving by using and selling technologies such as: Laser Alignment, Ultrasonic Measurement, Vibration and Condition Monitoring, as well as providing complimentary services, training, and a certified calibration laboratory for all equipment. FixturLaser services include: Laser Alignment, Rollers Alignment, Straightness Alignment, Extruder Alignment, Pulley Alignment, Vertical Turbine Shaft Alignment, Flatness and levelling, Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing, and specializes in alignment, vibration, balancing, training, repairs and calibrations.

FixturLaser are proud distributors of quality products that will exceed any performance expectations, ensuring product reliability at reasonable prices for all your alignment, maintenance, diagnostic, and repair needs.

For more information, please visit their website.

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